Developing entrepreneurship among women artisans to strengthen their social and economic status, and provide platform to make them capable to think and to choose, use their maximum creativity in their work, Let them to check their potentiality , to have a dream and to fulfil. Get a self-respect and recognition.


To develop a strong viable business model for women artisans, and to empower these women to shape their own future, and those of their families and future generations.

Rural Business Model:

The main focal point of promoting this enterprise as a Rural Business Model ,The Gandhian Approach to Rural Development !

If we are to contain massive migration, prevent the rich indigenous knowledge, culture, Traditional arts and crafts, and practical wisdom in traditional societies from disappearing into the slums of megacities and protect and improve the quality of life of villages — then we have to apply the Gandhian model globally.

In Kutch, there is dramatically changes after the earthquake and women artisans has been forced/tempted to go for the industry labour work. Most of the artisans has left their traditional work and started industry labour work, which leads many social problems. eg. Tunda vandh village in Kutch, where all the Men and women goes for industry work and after a few years every month there is one or two suicide in that village. This is sad truth about the rapid industrialization.

Gandhiji maintained that industrialization would help only a few and will lead to concentration of economic power. Industrialization leads to passive or active exploitation of the villages. It encourages competition. Moreover, industrialization replaces manpower and hence it adds to unemployment. In a country like India, where millions of people in the villages do not get work for even six months in a year, industrialization will not only increase unemployment but force people to migrate to urban areas. This will ruin villages.

In order to avoid such a disaster, village and cottage industries should be revived. They provide employment to meet the needs of the villagers and facilitate village self-sufficiency.

By creating small scale enterprises we can solve some of the burning issues in India like livelihood, Industrialization, Urbanization and also creating value and respect for the women. Our main focus is on Concept selling rather than product selling.

We aim to get back those artisans who left the traditional work and are working as labourer in industry.

How we work :

We have started with a group of 50 women in Bhadroi village. We have differentiated the women based on their interest and age. We have trained those young artisans who are doing the Hari Jari work and stitching very well. We provide them raw materials, they work on convenient time at their home, taking care of their children and family, and make a final finished product themselves.

For those who are mastered in embroidery, we provide a suitable work for them. Old women artisans, whose eyesight is not clear but still interested in their traditional work, we provide them applique work to make Quilts and cushions.

Concept of Design :

Most of the designs has been inspired from tradition and nature and their day to day life. We believe and respect the traditional knowledge and wisdom, And give them a space to use their creativity by their hands, hearts and mind.

Pricing Committee:

We have committee of women artisans, who evaluate the work, quality and time, and decide the prices.

Fair Product Concept :

Our artisans are more concerned about the quality of work. When they finished the product, they themselves ask a question- should I buy this product? Is it worth to buy on this much amount ?

Our Artisans are following the noble concept of “Fair Product” , which gives value of money to the customer.

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